About Us      
    Ross Ward, the founder of Beetech NZ Ltd, is well-known and highly respected throughout the beekeeping industry both in New Zealand and abroad.

It was while working as a beekeeper in the Southland region of New Zealand in the 1980s that Ross became impatient with the unreliable and inefficient honey processing equipment that was available.

Using his mechanical engineering qualifications and practical flair, he began experimenting with different designs and specifications for the extractors, centrifuges and other processing plant commonly used in the industry.

Several years and many prototypes later, Ross began manufacturing and selling the first wave of his innovative range of honey processing equipment. Initial results were so impressive that word quickly spread throughout the beekeeping community, and the business is now busily completing orders from beekeepers around New Zealand and beyond.

The business is now situated in modern workshop premises in Christchurch, where a skilled staff assemble every piece of equipment, ensuring complete control over the quality of the finished product.