Honeysucker Semi-Tangential Extractor      
    The Honeysucker outsmarts the competition in every way, and offers enormous advantages in terms of throughput, honey retrieval and ease of use, all of which translate into increased revenue and return on investment.

Given the high returns for all honey types there is a substantial cost in not extracting all the honey from combs. Just 125 grams of extra honey extracted per comb adds up to another kilo per box. For 150 boxes throughput, another $400 to $3000 of extra honey could be extracted daily depending on the value of the honey type!

Straight Forward Operation
Uncapped combs are easily loaded into the double baskets and the extractor cycle is started by pressing a single button. The combs then automatically go through up to 4 reversing cycles, progressively increasing in speed.

After leaving the combs, the honey runs down the wall of the can, and collects at the bottom. The gentle slope at the bottom of the can allows the honey to exit through the outflow pipe, from where it can be directed to a holding tank, or pumped to a centrifuge for further processing. The empty combs can then be removed from the extractor and placed back in the hives.

Why Choose The Honeysucker?
The Honeysucker extractor delivers outstanding performance in extracting all honey types, even without hot-room pre-warming, and is particularly effective in efficiently extracting Manuka and other thixotropic honeys.

The Honeysucker's operation is managed by an electronic PLC inverter motor controller which steps the machine though a series of increasingly faster forward and reverse cycles. This optimises the speed of the cycles to achieve maximum extraction of honey with minimal damage to the comb.

The bulk of the honey is removed at lower speeds, before finishing with faster cycles where the lightened combs are much more capable of withstanding the higher G forces.

The extractor's relatively small size is a crucial element in its effectiveness, and has been chosen to achieve an optimal ratio of overall capacity to diameter. This small size helps to increase honey retrieval, and also reduces the overall cycle time.

The unique double basket design allows the operator to load/unload two combs together, made easier by the smooth guides. Combs are further protected by rubber buffer shocks which cushion them when they are dropped into the baskets. These features combine to give our extractors extremely fast turnaround times, even for unskilled staff.