Honeywarmer Heat Exchanger      
    Beekeepers will know that heat pads and heating cables wrapped around pipes are often not effective for controlled heating of honey. Usually only the honey closest to the heating element is warmed, while the rest stays cool.

Most heat exchangers designed for food are simply not appropriate for honey. They lack the fine control necessary to warm the honey without inadvertently damaging it, and are not suitable for viscous products.

The Beeteck Honeywarmer addresses these issues through its innovative design. Standing 2m tall, it consists of concentric cylinders, with water flowing through an inner cylinder and the outer jacket, and the honey rising within a doughnut profile.

Designed to raise the temperature of up to a tonne of honey an hour by 10 to 15C, the Honeywarmer is ideally situated in-line between the honey extractor and centrifuge. Much greater temperature increases can be achieved with a slower flow rate.

By controlling the temperature and flow rate of the hot water in relation to the flow rate of the honey, the desired output can be achieved without the risk of damaging the honey through overheating.

The Beetech Honeywarmer can be plumbed into an existing hot water installation, or an electric hot water cylinder, pump and hoses can be supplied as an additional option. Alternatively in locations where there is inadequate electrical supply, gas heated hot water can be used.